Debut album two years in making

The band, who play drum-led, riff-laden rock, have spent two years writing, recording and producing their debut album, You Never Know.

And finally the album will be brought to the stage in Sheffield this weekend at DQ, where the band will officially launch it.

The album was recorded over two sessions last summer in the Welsh Valleys at Foal Studios.

And it’s an elaborate piece of production, packed with drum fills and layer upon layer of underlying guitar parts, producing a sound that’s derivative of late 80s / 90s rock while also looking back to Deep Purple-like organ-based rock of the 1970s.

Vocals are ballsy, Motley Crue-like and at times grungy – Durban are more reflective of the American highway than the Steel City.

The album is available on iTunes and Durban will play the majority of it this weekend at DQ, where they will be supported by Gypsy Toes, Dirty White Cars and Julia Mcinally.

Durban play at DQ on Saturday (January 29).