A new big cheese on the deli scene

Nick & Nicky Peck of Porter Brook Deli
Nick & Nicky Peck of Porter Brook Deli

A Christmas drink led to a whole new life for two Sheffield couples, who have just launched their own specialist deli in Sharrow Vale Road.

In less than six months Nicky Peck and husband Nick not only dreamed up a new business idea with sister and brother-in-law Sarah and Matthew Cooper, but turned that dream into reality.

They left their jobs, sold their Shrewsbury house, moved back to Sheffield and this week they launched Porter Brook Deli, specialising in fine cheeses, cured meats and all the accompaniments.

It all started when Nicky was discussing her work, in a Shropshire delicatessen, with Sarah – who saw the potential for something similar near her own home in Ecclesall.

Nick’s employers were looking for voluntary redundancies, so the two couples decided to take the plunge.

They found a shop unit and began sourcing stock: “We found out as much as we could about local producers and met a lot of them at Sharrow Vale Market… we’re very keen to stock local food as well as the best British and European produce,” said Nicky 
after this week’s opening.

“Now we’re really looking forward to playing a part in this thriving community.”