A taste of the high life

Dev and Jan Gurung with little Eshani
Dev and Jan Gurung with little Eshani

MOUNTAIN guide Dev Gurung was on top of the world when he met wife Jan – on a trek up Mount Everest. She fell ill, he took care of her and so began a relationship which led to marriage, daughter Eshani and a new life in Yorkshire.

But Dev missed his mum’s cooking, so he decided to recreate a taste of Nepal in his new home town. The result is Hungry Buddha, a catering company that specialises in bringing the real Nepalese food experience to the Sheffield area.

“British people I met knew lots about Nepal, but nothing about our subtly spiced, flavoursome Nepalese food. Now I’m on a mission to change that,” says Dev.

He has developed a range of recipes including the ‘holy trinity’ of dal, rice and veg, with grilled and braised meats, bite-size ‘momo’ dumplings, stir-fried noodles and spicy curries, served with pickles, chutneys and creamy desserts .

Dev’s services are available for dinner parties and events – he also sells curries, cooking sauces, chutneys and Sherpa bread at local farmers’ markets. Now he is planning to introduce the cuisine to a wider audience with a series of fundraising evenings for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Three-year-old Eshani was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis last year and the family were so grateful for the care they received that they have signed up to take part in the Mistress Cutler’s fundraising challenge.

For more details visit: www.hungrybuddha.co.uk

Lesley Draper