Blog opens up new Dawes

Martin Dawes
Martin Dawes

Most people seize on retirement as a chance to sit back and put their feet up, or take up a new hobby, but not Martin Dawes…

A leading Sheffield food writer, and colleague at Sheffield Newspapers for more than 20 years, he is using his new found leisure time to do what he likes best: write about food.

Martin celebrated the new year by launching a new blog – Another Helping – and has already treated followers to four servings of his own distinctive take on food.

“I realised when I gave up reviewing – and I felt that 26 years was enough for anyone – what I missed even more than the meals was the fun of writing about them,” he says. “And with food and drink as a theme, I could write about virtually anything.”

Son of a chef and publican, Martin grew up in Norfolk but has spent most of his adult life in Sheffield, much of it writing about food for The Star.

Over the years he reviewed hundreds of city restaurants and consumed some 1,400 meals in the line of duty; he is also a keen cook.

Notoriously computer illiterate at work, Martin called on stepson David Arch to help him set up the blog. It now gives him a chance to share his tips and recipes – including the secrets of his home-made brown sauce and thoughts on the daily doorstep pinta.

“I’ve always felt passionate about food, so all the pieces so far have been about things I’m interested in – and I’ll still be doing the odd review,” he promises.

The blog has already been read by up to 40 people per day, including some from as far away as the USA.

Find it here: Another Helping from Martin Dawes