Cakes for one with a touch of Sicilian style 

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“It’s something like an ice cream”, beams Alessio Giummarresi as he explains the concept of a mono cake.

He and brother Ermes create the individual portions of intricate chocolate cakes as part of their Italian bakery business, which is called Era’s Chocolate in a mash-up of both their and their grandmother’s names.
The two chefs whip up the stunning creations after work in their living room at home in Handsworth, using skills perfected in their own time and while working in Sicilian restaurants back home.
Some cakes are shaped into roses, others with mirror glazes or in vivid greens. 

Their most popular flavours are pistachio, and a profiterole surrounded by nutella creme, praline mousse, with a ‘rocher’ glaze and 24 carat edible gold flake on top.  
Alessio, aged 23, said: “Our cakes are something you can eat on your own with a spoon or sat in a cafe – something like an ice cream basically.”

The brothers – who have been chefs since their teenage years – hope the cakes will become the next big food trend to take off in Sheffield after launching their venture at the Sheffield Food Festival in May. 
They supply businesses such as a deli, cakes for special occasions like weddings, and hope one day to open their own authentic coffee shop too.

All but two of their cakes, which take two to three days to make a batch of, are gluten free.

Trained pastry chef Ermes, aged 26, added: “Places in Sicily do the smaller cakes, and friends told us they wanted somewhere to eat them here. We thought maybe English people would want to try them too.

“We noticed lots of artisan things in Sheffield – it’s a very artisan city – and so we came up with this idea of the mono cakes.
”All our cakes are made with Italian standards and Italian, as well as French, techniques.”
The cakes can currently be ordered through their website.