Chef’s Dish: Delicate dessert with Yorkshire origins

The stunning signature dish from Danny
The stunning signature dish from Danny

Pastry chef Danny Pullen has baked for the best of them.

The Sheffield College trained chef has worked at Silversmiths since his final year of study - serving dishes themed around seasonal local produce.

And this year he had the chance to whip up a cake for an unusual birthday guest in the shape of two musical stars...

“I had the chance to cook for Dizzee Rascal and George Clinton during Tramlines festival this summer, they are truly amazing stars”, said Danny.

“And when we found out it was George Clinton’s 75th birthday I was tasked to make the cake we presented to him on the night.

“He loved it and it was demolished by him and his 30 strong entourage.”

Danny says his signature dish and today’s recipe for Sheffield Telegraph readers is a great example of the ethos at Silversmiths, on Arundel Street.

He added: “The posset, which is really a very simple cream based dish, has its origins deep in Victorian Yorkshire, so is a great example of Silversmiths cuisine.

“Its also has a great citrus kick which is the perfect pallet cleansing and lighter dessert to have after some of our more filling main dishes.

“What makes Silversmiths special is that we use seasonal local produce to create individual creations unique to Sheffield.

The team at Silversmiths

The team at Silversmiths

“We have got to learn about our customers tastes and know we can try different and sometimes experimental dishes that are far from “run of the mill”.

“I love the freedom we all have in the kitchen to use the incredible ingredients we get fresh every day.

“I trained at Sheffield College, nationally famous for its excellence in catering.

“I really enjoyed the hands on methodologies they promote and the confidence I gained there allowed me to take on the role at Silversmiths. I highly recommend anyone thinking about a career in catering to visit the college.

“My first real job was here at Silversmiths which I managed to get whilst I was in my last year in college. 
“Luckily enough they gave me a full time role as soon as I passed - I must be doing something right.”

Silversmiths was formerly the Runaway Girl music bar - and was famously transformed after legendary chef Gordon Ramsay spent a week there in 2009 for an expletive-filled television show.

It’s now unrecognisable from its former identity. One of the concepts brought in by Ramsay - pie night - is still popular.

Recently it has also rebranded as Silversmiths - The Yorkshire Restaurant and relaunched Sunday lunches - which is handy, as they are Danny’s favourite dish.

He said: “Every Sunday up at nan’s house with the family is happily etched in my memory.

“And now Silversmiths have launched Sunday lunches I guess I need to return the favour and invite Nan to eat here.

“Sunday lunch brings friends and family together like no other meal and the atmosphere down here on Sundays is great.”

Danny was shortlisted for Eat Sheffield’s Young Chef of the Year in 2015, and is hopeful of success in the future.

“It was a great honour, and although I didn’t win it has left me hungry to bag an award soon.”

Recipe by Pastry chef Danny Pullen

Danny’s lemon and ginger posset; with ginger crumb, fruit pastille, butterscotch reduction


For the posset – serves six

200 ml double cream

35 g caster sugar

Juice and zest of two lemons

1 tsp cornflour

1 sheet of leaf gelatin

For the crumb

100 g plain flour

50 g butter

25 g caster sugar

2 tsp ground ginger

For the pastille

100 g fruit puree (preferably raspberry)

50 g jam (preferably raspberry)

2 sheets leaf gelatin

For the butterscotch reduction

50g double cream

25g caster sugar

25g butter


For the posset, soak the leaf gelatin in cold water, simmer cream, sugar and lemon for 15 minutes, add the sheet of gelatin then pour the mix in to 50g moulds. Chill for one hour.

For the crumb, rub the flour and butter into breadcrumbs. Mix through the sugar and ginger then spread out on a baking tray and bake at 180C for 8-10 minutes. Leave to cool.

To make the pastille, heat the puree and jam in a source pan at 65C, add the gelatin sheet until melted then pour the mix about an inch deep into a lined baking tray. Leave to cool and set for one hour then slice into inch square cubes.

To make the butterscotch reduction, melt sugar in a hot pan until it forms into a slightly golden caramel, add the butter while constantly stirring then add the cream and allow to reduce for 5 minutes. Leave to cool.

To serve, place the posset on a bed of crumb, decorate the plate with the butterscotch reduction, crown the posset with the fruit pastille.

For an extra, optional, flourish,

add sugar decorations and seasonal berries.