COLUMN: Appy way to slash food wastage

Helen Davies
Helen Davies

Could Sheffield be the Appiest city in the UK?

We know that Sheffield folk are a happy bunch but when it comes to food - just how Appy are we?



I’m useless with technology , but I do like apps. 
Not only because they are easy to use for Luddites like me, but because they can be community building, fun and genuinely useful.

Take food waste – it’s early days but there are a growing number of apps created by social and environmental thinkers to help us share and redistribute food instead of binning it.

In my day job - working for charity Fareshare - we believe no good food should go to waste, and in the last 10 months have connected 900 supermarkets with 3,500 charities, rescuing four million meals.


Obviously with an amazing community of people, but also because we are powered by some pretty great technology.

Technology can be a real force for good and there are an increasing number of apps out there to help us share more and waste less of our food.

Here’s my top three to watch as we head towards the new year.

1 Too Good to Go: Restaurants post unsold food for collection at a fraction of the cost.

As you’d expect, it has good take-up in London but it’s also starting to grow in popularly in Leeds and Manchester.

Encourage your favourite Sheffield eateries to get involved and it may well head our way soon.

2 Olio: This app is all about connecting neighbours with each other and local shops.

Offer up food you don’t need or can’t use – anything from windfall apples in Loxley to Cup-a-Soup from Endcliffe Village. Become a digital forager in England’s greenest city.

3 Love Food Hate Waste: Easily keep track of food planning, shopping, cooking meals and making the most of leftovers with this popular app.

This is a great way to enter January when many of us will be tightening our belts - in more ways than one.

It’s early days for these apps, and a range of others that are sprouting up fast, and their strength and success is going to be powered by people.

So why not jump in and make Sheffield part of the food sharing revolution?

I wish you all good health, good living and a very Appy New Year.

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