Fine dining chef serves lunch to 60 Sheffield homeless people

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Staff at fine dining restaurant Silversmiths served lunch - and passed on their kitchen tips - to some of Sheffield’s most vulnerable people.

The team cooked the meal for 60 people who use the Cathedral Archer Project, the homeless day centre at Sheffield Cathedral, as well as its staff and volunteers.

Head chef John Cluckie worked alongside the Archer Project’s chef, Suzanne, and her team, to create and cook the menu; chicken and tarragon pie followed by sticky toffee pudding with fresh, homemade custard.

Tracy Viner, marketing and development manager at the project, said: “There was real excitement in the centre.

“Everyone was really pleased to be having their lunch cooked by the chefs from a fine dining restaurant.

“Our chef and kitchen staff were also delighted to be taught some tricks of the trade in the kitchen.

“We are looking forward to working with Silversmiths in the future when hopefully we

can taste more of their lovely food.”

Silversmiths - the former Runaway Girl restaurant famously transformed by Gordon Ramsay - decided to help out after staff noticed the number of people living on the streets

General manager Tina Gage, added: “We are delighted to support the Archer Project.

“Being a business based in the city centre, you can’t help but notice those people who are spending time on the streets with nowhere else to go.

“We know cooking one meal is just a drop in the ocean

but we hope by volunteering our time we can give some of the hard working volunteers a break, and offer our skills to help develop theirs as well as providing a tasty meal for those who use the centre.”

The Archer Project helps homeless people works towards a better life by supporting them to, develop their independence,, improve their ability to identify and change negative behaviour and improve their wellbeing.