Cathy Hinsley lives in Totley with five-year-old son Charlie. A PR officer, has a passion for northern soul and enjoys dancing, walking and a weekly swim to counter her love of food and wine.

Are you a cook?

I absolutely love cooking although my style is experimental – or haphazard!

Any cooking tips?

The best way to create new dishes is to raid the fridge, see what you’ve got and challenge yourself to make a tasty meal.

What’s your favourite dish?

Without a shadow of doubt, a Sunday dinner.

And a drink to go with it?

Vodka and tonic with lots of ice and a slice of lime, followed by a very cold Sauvignon Blanc or a smooth glass of Malbec.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

The Broadfield on Abbeydale Road: excellent service with superb food in a relaxed environment and a cracking choice of beers and wines.

And pub?

For a summer drink with the family you can’t beat The Cricket Inn, Totley – and the newly refurbished Crown is nice for a drink by the fire on a cold winter’s day.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

My first Thai meal, ordered by a friend. It was laced with lemongrass to the point where I couldn’t taste anything else, and put me offThai food for a long time.

And the best?

A big family gathering at my sister’s: a great cook. Or the steak my wonderful boyfriend cooked me on New Years Eve.

Your favourite TV cook?

My guilty pleasure, James Martin – a real passion for good food and very easy on the eye!

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

It’s great. From fabulous pub grub to fine dining we really do have it all.