Jane Ide
Jane Ide

Jane Ide, writer and communications consultant, lives with husband Stuart in south west Sheffield and sends home-baked food parcels to her adult sons in London and Leeds.

Are you a cook?
I’m primarily a baker, but I pride myself on cooking family meals from scratch with real ingredients. I like to know what’s gone into things.

Any cooking tips?
Compromise on quantity not quality. A small piece of great meat cooked carefully makes a better meal than any amount of cheap stuff.

What’s your favourite dish?
Roast lamb, cauliflower cheese and chips. Food of the gods.

And drink to go with it?
Water, straight from the tap. And gallons of Rooibos tea.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?
The Milestone for its food, service and unpretentious Sheffieldness.

Your favourite pub?
The George at Youlgrave. Does AMAZING Yorkshire pudding with roast beef!

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?
1981, starving student, a pub on the fringe of town for a very rare meal out. Microwaved steak, cold microwaved chips, and I paid with two £10 notes stuck together. It still rankles!

And the best?
The Grill Market in Reykjavik: amazing place, stunning food, and in the booth next to us the utterly cool Yoko Ono.

Your favourite TV cook?
Nigel Slater. I like his relaxed, comfortable approach.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?
Great quality independents in the city and lovely country pubs in easy striking distance. Couldn’t ask for more!