Food for thought - Jillian Thomas

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Jillian Thomas, who lives in Mosborough, is managing director of Future Life Wealth Management.

Are you a cook?

Yes – I love to cook when I have time, but this is mainly at the weekends due to a busy work life during the week.

Any cooking tips?

Cook with seasonal vegetables. Five years ago, I started growing veg and soft fruits in my garden. I didn’t have room for a vegetable patch in my garden, so I would plant inbetween the plants and created patio pots. There is nothing better than picking your own strawberries to put on your cereal each morning for breakfast.

What’s your favourite dish?

Any fresh fish, cooked simply with white wine, fresh herbs and a little lemon juice, followed by brown bread ice cream and poached strawberries for pudding.

And a drink to go with it?

I do like white wine, particularly a Sancerre, and of course my trademark gin (it has to be either Hendricks or Sheffield Gin) and tonic.

I recently climbed Mount Etna and was surprised to find extensive wine yards on the slopes. The wines were delectable and I was very impressed by one producer AlessioPlaneta of Planeta, based in central Sicily.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

Gigi’s Cucina, the family run restaurant on Oakbrook Road, Nether Green. A combination of traditional Italian with a ‘new wave influence’. Some of the food combinations just shouldn’t work, but they do – my favourite is Pollo E Gamerioi Orientale, which is strips of chicken and tiger prawns in a curry sauce.

And pub?

My favourite is the bar in Mosborough Hall. The team know me well as it is close to where I live. It has been known for the team to have poured out the measure of gin and taken the top off the tonic as soon as they see me walking up the drive, and ‘my’ glass be on the bar, as I walk through the door. Great service, in a fantastic location, particularly in the summer.

What’s the worst meal you've ever had?


And the best?

Gilpin Lodge in the Lake District – they have just received their Michelin Star. An outstanding location, set is beautiful grounds, with a young team of chefs who are not frightened to push the boundaries for food excellence.

Your favourite TV cook?

James Martin – and it has nothing to do with his cooking ability!

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

Over the last five years Sheffield has rapidly become a food lover’s paradise, with new styles and types of eateries appearing on a regular basis. My hope is that the Sheffield city centre will be resurrected as a food destination once the ‘new’ shopping quarter is built, in a similar way that Leeds has created selective, high profile quality bars/restaurants. This will make people go back into the city after working hours, and add much needed economic impetus into the city economy.