Food for thought: Max Bullion

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Max Bullion, 23, lives in Dronfield and is the founder of ‘bean to bar’ artisan chocolate brand Bullion.

Are you a cook?

I went to catering college and worked as a chef when I was younger. I’m still working in the food industry now but mainly with chocolate. But yeah, I’d say I was a cook.

Any cooking tips?

I’m a big fan of using garlic in my cooking. But they can always be tricky to peel. If you crush the clove with the flat side of your chefs knife – the outer layer comes straight off.

What’s your favourite dish?

For me, steak with a blue cheese sauce is pure bliss. With all the extras of course.

And a drink to go with it?

Got to be a nice red.

Your favourite restaurants in the Sheffield area?

My favourite restaurant closed down five years ago as the owner retired. It was called Al Carreto. If you’re reading Memo, I need that rib recipe!

And pub?

Our production facility is based round the corner from Kelham Island. So we have some of the top pubs to choose from. The Fat Cat is always a winner.

What’s the worst meal you’ve everhad?

I tried to be adventurous at a restaurant during Chinese new year. Went for the jelly fish option… Never again.

Your favourite TV cook?

Anthony Bourdain. I find his TV show really interesting - Opinionated guy doing a culinary tour of the world. What’s not to like!

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

Sheffield’s food scene is fantastic, there really is something for everyone.