Food for thought: Olu Babalola

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Olu Babalola is a basketball player with Sheffield Sharks and owner of The Wing Kings ‘soul food’ pop up restaurant.

Are you a cook?:

I 100 per cent am a cook. I don’t like when people call me chef, because I feel it discredits real chefs who went to culinary school.

Any cooking tips:

In short, cook with love and from your soul.

What’s your favourite dish:

I have to go with a good pizza, or chicken wings.

And a drink to go with it?

Probably Arizona iced tea, which will be served at our next pop up on Oct 1.

Favourite restaurant in Sheffield?

I’ve had the pleasure of helping at JÖRO in Shalesmoor. I think their menu is by far the most intriguing/exciting in the city.

And pub?

I’m definitely not a pub guy.

Worst the worst meal you’ve ever had?

TGI Fridays. I’ve always loved it there and they make the best long island iced teas.

But last time I got chicken and waffles and I think it was microwaved.

And the best?

A restaurant called Touch in Miami. Two starters, two mains and one dessert with one drink set me back $350. But I’ve never had food like it.

Favorite TV cook?

I like Jamie Oliver because he’s a proper Essex boy and that makes me laugh. His food is really simple and can be replicated at home.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

There are hundreds of places to eat. Only thing lacking though is authenticity, which diminishes quality. Which is why I love and serve authentic soul food.