Food for thought: Sophie Thomas

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Sophie Thomas is a fundraiser for Neurocare, which funds life-saving equipment and research in Sheffield hospitals.

Are you a cook?

I like to think so, but in reality I just see what’s in the fridge and throw it all together. It’s usually delicious.

Any cooking tips? 

So many people get roast potatoes wrong, serving them soft and pale. For me the key is lots of boiling hot cooking fat to get them nice and crispy with great seasoning.

What is your favourite dish? 

As I am from the south where there is always fresh fish, I would choose a fish dish.

And drink to go with it? 

It has got to be a G&T.

What is your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area? 

Saigon 68, a Vietnamese cafe on London Road. It may not look like the best but do not judge a book by its cover, the food is fab!

Worst meal you’ve ever had? 

As a student in Sheffield a friend said they would cook me tea. I was presented with pasta covered in gravy.

And the best? 

In a restaurant overlooking the sea in Lanzarote, the salmon was amazing and I had it every night.

Your favourite TV chef? I love the Hairy Bikers, their food looks fantastic and their recipes do not hold back on things considered bad for us.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

It is ever improving: it has all the chains but what makes it special are the smaller independents. Sharrow Vale, where Neurocare is, is a great place for lunch with every cuisine you can imagine.