Food news: Cooking without gas for dinner with a twist

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The trend for raw food is growing - and one Sheffield chef has devised his own take on it for a special dinner.

Mike Beva, head chef at The York in Broomhill, will prepare six courses of food all made without the use of heat on July 27.

Dishes will include a duck bresaola - made with salting techniques that date back to

1850 -scallop ceviche and a chocolate fondant, the secret of which Mike is not revealing.

“We are trying to do really different food nights at The York”, said Mike.

“Last month we had a gin themed dinner, with five different Yorkshire gins in the food and to taste.

“This time we wanted to show that you don’t have to have a big kitchen to be able to do food like this.

“We do try to follow all the food trends, in Europe especially raw food is very popular, but we are trying to do something a bit different and show it doesn’t just have to be a salad.”

Other courses lined up for the night include a tomato gazpacho and crab shooter, beef tartare with pickled carrots and a balsamic glaze and a melon and mint sorbet.

Mike, who recently triumphed in a Sheffield Food Festival cook-off, added: “With the bresaola it is a technique that goes back to around 1850 - people have been doing it for many years.

“It’s cured and salted with lots of spices - trends like this are coming back but many people don’t realise how much of a history they have.”

The Cooking Without Gas dinner costs £29 per person, and the first course will be served at 7.30pm on Thursday July 27.