Food news: Staggering truffle haul for Sheffield restaurant

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Sheffield restaurant owner Vito Ciaraolo got more than he bargained for when sourcing a taste of Italy.

Vito placed his usual order for his home village Bella’s entire crop of black truffles, usually a handful. But this year’s delivery broke all records, totalling ten kilos, many fist-sized delicacies – and a bill for £5,000.

“I was stunned”, said Vito.

“Bella is renowned for its truffles, and it’s been a standing arrangement for years I’ll take all they can produce. But I could never have expected to receive this many – it’s about ten times what I normally get.”

Luckily for Vito truffles keep well over time. And he plans to check the size of next year’s haul.

Keeping food in the family

Jamie Youdan has followed in his parents’ footsteps,

The son of Su and John, who run S&J’s Pantry in the Moor Market, has helped with their shops since childhood.

“My dad had many older people coming to the stall and talking about their visits to the Sarsaparilla bars of the past”, said Jamie.

“I wondered whether we could recreate this atmosphere.”

Jamie’s Milk and Soda Bar sells two dozen flavours of milk shakes, yogurt shakes and other drinks.

On Sharrow Vale Road, another new opening is pending. The Bakery will take over a former jewellers and sell vinyl, clothing, coffee and cake.

Top takeaways revealed

Burgers, barbecued pork and spicy pizza are the most ordered takeaways on a Sheffield service

Deliveroo said Twisted Burger Company, Smoke Barbecue and Craft & Dough led the way.

Also in the top ten was chicken kashmiri from Ashoka and soft shell crab rolls from Sakushi.