From boatyard to baking

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As businesses go, running a café is a far cry from managing a boatyard.

But mother and daughter team Caroline and Katie Scott have set sail on a new adventure with the launch of Somewhere Else coffee house and bakery, next to The Banner Cross pub on Ecclesall Road.

The pair, both of Wath-upon-Dearne in Rotherham, hope their quirky cakery will be as ‘far away from Starbucks as possible’.

They specialise in vegan, gluten and dairy free cakes – all made by former boatyard businesswoman Caroline as she has many friends with food allergies – as well as light breakfasts and lunches.

It all began with a love of high quality coffee.

Katie, aged 26, said: “We always used to love going into independent cafés when we went shopping and we became so interested eventually that we thought why not do it ourselves rather than just talking about it?”

Caroline, aged 49, added: “A few people said, ‘should you be setting up a new business at your age?’ It did make me think but I thought I would rather give it a go than never try.”

The café is the first in Sheffield to sell speciality coffee from North Star micro roaster in Leeds.

Ginger and chocolate and coffee cake proved a hit at the official launch on Saturday and more menu options, even customers’ suggestions, will be explored in the future.

Inside there is work from local artists and any sales will boost local charities.

All the furniture is recycled, from an old wringer to sled and spatulas hanging on the walls in two upstairs areas dubbed The Snug and The Studio.

Katie, who will look after the front of house while Caroline bakes, added: “Because this is Sheffield we wanted to bring industry and steel in to the decor.

“Pretty much everything is recycled or reused - it’s as far away from Starbucks as possible.”