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Emma Hookham - Nutribox
Emma Hookham - Nutribox

HEALTHY snacking: it sounds like the ultimate oxymoron to anyone who can’t resist a biscuit with their morning coffee and a bar of chocolate mid-afternoon.

But a new Sheffield business, which launches tomorrow, is aiming to turn that dream into a reality.

Nutribox, based at the Workstation, is run by four local people who have spent the last few months scouring markets, food shows and festivals for snacks that are nutritious as well as tasty.

Many of the suppliers are from the Sheffield area and all are small, artisan producers with a passion for food.

Now the team is ready to launch the service. Customers can sign up via the website, and a month’s supply of healthy snacks will be delivered to their door.

Nutribox is the idea of businessman Peter Beeby, who has joined forces with experienced nutritional therapist Ann Sinclair and public health and nutrition specialist Emma Hookham.

Completing the team is undergraduate Abi Mayne, from Hallam University’s food and nutrition course, who is running the social media presence.

Ann says: “All of us love food and we understand that working out what’s healthy can be really confusing… The Nutribox is all about taking great products to customers who want to eat healthy snacks without it being hard work.”

The exact contents remain a closely guarded secret until the website goes live tomorrow: “We don’t want to give too much away at this point – it’s about surprise and discovery,” says Emma.

But she reveals that key ingredients include energy bars, raw chocolate, fruit and nuts. There will also be a ‘star brand’ focusing on a different producer each month.

“We’ve done plenty of testing and some things have been vetoed, but the end product is really great,” she says.

A Nutribox taster, with up to 10 snacks, costs £12.95 per month and the multi box, with a month’s supply of up to 20 snacks is £25. There is also a gift option for Christmas.

Details: The Nutribox

Lesley Draper