Heeley celebrates growing success

Darrell Maryon - growing manager, Heeley City Farm
Darrell Maryon - growing manager, Heeley City Farm

Heeley City Farm is celebrating a bumper harvest after 15 years of organic growing on more than 20 sites citywide.

The farm runs one of the biggest growing operations in Sheffield, working with a variety of community gardens and involving hundreds of growers, from school children upwards.

In an average year they grow at least 50 types of edible crops, plus herbs. This year the 2.5-acre Wortley Hall Walled Garden alone produced more than 5 tonnes of produce including 150kg of salad crops, a quarter-tonne each of leeks, carrots and tomatoes, and a third-of-a-tonne of squash and potatoes.

Local Food Manager Darrell Maryon says: “The small size of land and resources used for the amount of crops produced is significant. The skills, knowledge and experience attained by our dozens of volunteer gardeners even more so – many are then able to grow food for themselves and the wider community.”

Heeley City Farm runs volunteer days at its kitchen garden each Friday from 10.30am-12.30pm. Cooks at the Farm Kitchen community café get first pick of produce; the rest goes to the garden centre for sale, or is taken home by volunteer gardeners.