Italian flavour and fizz for new Sheffield venue

Craft & Dough Restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Picture: Marie Caley NSTE Craft&Dough MC 2
Craft & Dough Restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Picture: Marie Caley NSTE Craft&Dough MC 2

A pizza and beer restaurant on Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road is rebranding into a venue that specialises in all things Italian - and particularly prosecco or sparkling wine.

The Craft and Dough branch on the city’s ‘restaurant row’, owned by The Milestone Group, is currently undergoing refurbishment work.

The plan is to transform it into the ‘UK’s first Bocelli 1831 bar’ though it will remain part of the group.

Bocelli 1831 is already a sparkling wine brand made in Tuscany by the family of world famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

The kitchen of Bocelli 1931, set to open in November, will focus on a seasonal and Tuscany inspired menu of small plates and family grazing.

At weekends there will be a wet seafood bar, with seafood platters, oysters, prawns, lobsters and dressed crab on offer.

Matt Bigland, of The Milestone Group, said: “The menu will use seriously gutsy and unusual flavour combinations that are truly authentic in their heritage and future classics such as the Bocelli meatballs with orzo and Marzanosauce or Bocelli sourdough, sticky beef and of course plenty of vegan and vegetarian plates.”

“Whether it is the music of “La Boheme,” or the wine of la dolce vita, Andrea and his family understand the art of living well.

“The Bocelli 1831 wine menu reflects this with single estate proseccos, rose cuvee and classic delights like the fior d’arancio, which is an incredible sparkling wine made with the Moscato grape.

“A classy bar ambiance with the background of music and the best part, interesting cocktails make their home to a world of unusual pairings and extraordinary flavours through our Italian fusion of food, music, wine and beauty.”

There remains two other Craft and Dough venues, one on Campo Lane in the city centre, and the other in Kelham Island.