Kat cooks up a celebration of Sheffield food in radio hit

BBC. Kat Cowan. Shot by Claire Wood on 31st August 2017.
BBC. Kat Cowan. Shot by Claire Wood on 31st August 2017.

When Kat Cowan admitted not knowing how to make Yorkshire puddings she had no idea it would lead to a radio hit.

The Radio Sheffield presenter decided to try making them live on air, and listeners loved it, tuning in in their droves.

“It was the day after the Great British Bake Off, when they had made Yorkshire puddings, and Toby Foster said it was ridiculous because everyone could do them”, said Kat.

“I put my hand up and said ‘I don’t’. We decided I’d go home and try to make them live on the radio.

“It worked really well – we screened it live on Facebook and there were all these people watching the front of my oven!”

Now every Saturday Kat races from the studio to her home nearby to present the second half of the station’s breakfast show in her kitchen.

And she’s joined by local chefs, producers, cooks and food or drink experts who help her, and listeners, whip up everything from breakfast burritos to chocolate mousse and lobster thermidor – all live.

Kat added: “There’s been an explosion of amazing independent restaurants, chefs and food producers in Sheffield who might not get a chance to shout about what they do all the time.

“I thought we had an amazing resource and we could combine it all together in a show.”

The regular slot started as an experiment but has now become a favourite.

But much like cooking at home, it hasn’t all gone strictly to plan. One guest broke a radiator and a plumber had to attend mid way through the show, and cooking steaks set off the fire alarm in another.

“It all adds to the charm”, said Kat.

“We’ve made a lot of dishes I would never have attempted but it’s just fear of the unknown.

“That’s what I’ve taken away from it and I’m hoping listeners will as well.”