Let’s drink to coffee roasting success

Foundry Coffee Makers, psychiatrist  Dan Tully and his partner Jo Sessions, a psychyologist
Foundry Coffee Makers, psychiatrist Dan Tully and his partner Jo Sessions, a psychyologist

Four friends who set up their own artisan coffee business three months ago are redoubling their efforts from next week.

Foundry Coffee has gone down such a treat with customers all over the UK that the team is now planning to roast twice each week, instead of just once, to keep up with demand.

The business grew out of a mutual love of good coffee and was launched in the autumn by Sheffield mental health professionals Dan Tully, Jo Sessions, Lee Newell and Bidisha Mondal.

“We’d been toying with the idea of bringing the coffee we love to a wider audience both in Sheffield and by post all over the UK” says Dan.

So they invested in a coffee roaster, imported from Germany, and did some research into the best quality raw materials.

Carefully selected green coffee beans were then brought in from Bolivia, Rwanda and El Salvador via a top London wholesaler, ready for roasting at their premises on Nether Edge Road.

A specialist course taught them the necessary skills: “There’s a science and an art to coffee roasting, just like wine-making,” says Dan.

The secret is to invest in good quality beans and process them with care – listening for the tell-tale ‘crack’ as the beans start to pop, then reducing the heat so they roast gently.

The team also prides itself on absolute freshness: “Our beans are only ever roasted to order… this commitment is an essential aspect of our business.”

Having perfected the art, the first Foundry beans were sold from a stall at Nether Edge Farmers’ Market in September.

Since then a new espresso blend has been developed and the business has blossomed, thanks to online ordering Foundry Coffee Roasters

Clever custom-designed packaging means each 350g order fits easily through a letterbox, avoiding the need for time-consuming visits to the sorting office.

Supplies are also available from local farmers’ markets with more planned, further afield, over the coming months.

Lesley Draper