Love is the drug for all ills

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Geranium, jasmine, sandalwood and rose…

No,not the latest plant or soap collection, but the magic ingredients in a new love potion created to help with a range of common ailments.

The potion is the latest idea from registered aromatherapist Dr Sarah Bryan.

The potion is a light-hearted addition to a unique range of delicious drinkable aromatherapy products designed to aid anything from digestion and breathing problems to stress and the symptoms of hay fever.

Sarah, daughter of a nurse and blind since birth, has been fascinated by medicine since being given a toy medical kit at the age of three.

She was introduced to massage and aromatherapy at boarding school and rediscovered her love of holistic therapy while researching for a doctorate at Sheffield University.

“By the time I had completed my studies, I had no doubt as to my vocation.

“In 2013 I set up my own business, SB Holistic,” says Sarah, who lives in Hillsborough with husband Matt and guide dog Jenni.

Until now, it has focused primarily on massage, but the new range has changed all that – and is proving an unusual alternative to the coffee, chocolate and herbal teas at Woodland Holistics in Campo Lane, where she is based.

Sarah works with minute quantities of essential oils found in aromatic water produced during the distillation of medicinal plants.

“These aromatic waters can be safely added to drinking water in small quantities for their therapeutic benefits,” she says.

“In fact, the practice of drinking aromatic waters is more ancient than aromatherapy with essential oils.”

The range of 10 drinks are more aromatic than herbal teas.

They can be added to warm, cold or even sparkling water.