Moor Market’s Russian revelation

Leeza Murina - Cossack Cuisine
Leeza Murina - Cossack Cuisine

With just a month to go before the launch of Sheffield’s new Moor Market, preparations are hotting up among traders who will run the cosmopolitan range of food outlets.

One of the most unusual is Cossack Cuisine: ‘food with a Russian accent’ run by St Petersburg-born Leeza Murina and her partner Steve Jones.

Their food has become popular at local farmers’ markets over the last year. Now chef Leeza has developed a range of treats especially for the new outlet, CCCP – Cossack Cuisine Café Premises.

These include the bread bowl, dating back to the 1700s when Cossack soldiers carried their stroganoff in a hollowed-out sour dough roll.

“We tried them out at Sheffield Food Festival and sold 30 in an hour!” says Steve. “Not only do you eat the delicious filling, you eat the packaging too – the gravy-soaked empty bread bowl.”

The café will be offering a choice of fillings, including five-bean stew and beef goulash. Other Russian treats will include baked potato pizza.

Leeza says: “I’m on a quest to break stereotypes about Russian food and show the world our delicacies are not limited to caviar and vodka.”

Cossack Cuisine is due to open on November 25.