New venture for vegetarian chef

food review, The Showroom, head chef Jon Tite
food review, The Showroom, head chef Jon Tite

Vegetarian chef Jon Tite is branching out on his own - with an ambitious plan but realistic expectations.

The former head chef at The Showroom has left after five and a half years in the cinema and cafe kitchens to set up his own brand, called The Fat of The Land.

He and his partner, also a chef, hope to open their own restaurant, and in time a second, with one concentrating on vegetarian food, plus a deli.

“That’s the dream”, said Jon.

But the pair are starting small, with their first pop up supper being held at Whirlow Hall Farm this Saturday November 25.

Jon added: “We’re starting out with pop ups and different events in different places, looking to in the new year maybe do a week long residential or create a space in somewhere that’s disused with a view to getting a good following and creating a very, very detailed business plan!”

“If it’s looking like it’s out of our reach we’ll park it and we’ll have had a fun year doing some pop ups.”

The menu for the first event is - despite the name - not wholly vegetarian, with squash tortellini and shellfish broth, plus lamb, bourbon, smoked beets and mint.

Wines have been paired with Starmoreboss, on Sharrowvale Road.

Jon said: “I got the name from being a vegetarian chef but didn’t want to go the whole veggie route with the menu.

“In the first event the meat is from Whirlow so it is very high welfare.

“We’re not trying to be on trend we’re just out to cook good food really well, using the experience we’ve picked up in the last 15 years as chefs.”

Limited places remain for Saturday’s event at £30 per person. Search FOTL on Facebook.