Recipe: Squash is packed with nut flavour

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This colourful vegetable tagine was created by the team at Beanies Wholefoods and features in the Sheffield Cookbook: Second Helpings.

The team at the shop on Crookes Valley Road said in the book: “The colour of a squash flesh generally corresponds to the flavour.

“A Crown Prince is king of the squash in our eyes, with its pale blue skin, deep orange flesh and sweet chestnutty flavour.

“The flesh has a fluffy quality which really gives the tagine a fantastic consistency and richness.

“Whether to peel the skin is a personal preference. “We serve this with bulgur wheat and courgettes or flat breads.”

This recipe serves six, with a preparation time of 15 minutes and a cooking time of six hours.

The award-winning Beanies celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and is run as a co-operative.

It launched the first organic vegetable box scheme in Sheffield two decades ago, and now delivers around 300 a week, as well as leading the way in donating surplus food to charities or freegans.

From humble beginnings on a Hillsborough back street, it has now been recognised nationally.


For the paste, blitz the paste ingredients in a blender or food processer with 50ml water.

For the tagine, preheat the oven to 220°c/fan 200°c/gas mark seven .

Heat the oil in a large heatproof casserole dish on a medium heat and lightly brown the tagine vegetables for about 5-7 minutes.

You will probably have to do this in batches.

Add the paste to the pot along with 400ml water and the bouillon powder.

Cover with a lid and cook for 45 minutes.

Give the dish a stir and top up with more water if it’s looking dry (it will depend on how much liquid your vegetable combo releases).

Reduce the heat to 180°c/fan 160°c/gas 4 and cook for another 45 minutes.

To serve, Check the vegetables are cooked (give them another 15 minutes if necessary) and add salt and/or pomegranate molasses or honey to taste.

Sprinkle with the mint and serve with accompaniments of your choice.



2 red onions, chopped

5 garlic cloves

100ml lemon juice

2 sticks celery

1 tbsp each paprika, cumin, ras el hanout and pomegranate molasses

½ finger piece fresh turmeric root, peeled (or 1 tbsp ground)

1 tsp hot chilli powder

1 thumb-size piece fresh root ginger, peeled

1 tbsp honey or vegan alternative (optional)

2 jarred roasted red peppers

75g prunes, dried figs or dates

Handful of chopped coriander


1 tbsp olive or rapeseed oil

1 squash, deseeded and cut into chunks (peeled, if you like)

3-4 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks

3 red, yellow or orange peppers

1 large courgette

1 tsp vegetable bouillon powder

2 sprigs mint, leaves only

* The Sheffield Cookbook: Second Helpings can be bought from Amazon, Waterstone’s or other venues featured in the book