Record on a plate – or 30 – for Joe

Joe Walker with the stack of plates following his YO! Sushi marathon
Joe Walker with the stack of plates following his YO! Sushi marathon

There’s no contest when it comes to a choice between hamburger and sushi: for publican Joe Walker the Japanese delicacy wins every time. But it takes a fair amount of raw fish and rice to fill a grown man – in Joe’s case, 30 plates full.

The former landlord of the Charter Arms in Rotherham took on the challenge of setting a world record at YO! Sushi restaurant in Meadowhall on Friday. But it seems he isn’t quite the man he once was…

Joe, who now lives in Newquay, acquired a taste for sushi after finding himself stuck at a London station with a choice of either that or hamburgers. He picked the lesser of two evils – and discovered a taste for the Oriental treats.

In fact he liked them so much that he spent all afternoon there, packing away 42 plates of the stuff. He has been a sushi enthusiast ever since, calling into the Meadowhall restaurant for a regular fix until moving to Cornwall last year.

Joe still returns to Sheffield to visit his family and visits his favourite restaurant whenever he’s in town. Last time staff came up with the idea of a world record sushi-eating attempt. And Joe was only too happy to take up the challenge.

With only 90 minutes to complete the feat, his previous total was beyond reach. But he managed to chomp his way through 30 plates of food including seared tuna and rice rolled with fillings including fish roe, avocado and salmon. His closest rival could manage no more than 15.

Manager Dan Grantham said: “It was a valiant effort and it means a record has now been set. So if anyone can beat 30 plates here at YO! Sushi Meadowhall, it’s on me!”

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