Review: The Devonshire gin class: We tried gin making classes at a Sheffield bar and this is what we thought 

Devonshire Gin Class
Devonshire Gin Class

The opportunity to make and drink your own gin, oh go on then!

Gin classes at The Devonshire in Sheffield city centre have a different theme every month and give fans the opportunity to sample a selection of gins.

We got the chance to create our own unique tastes, as the bar provides the base spirit and a variety of different botanicals and infusions to craft your own custom gin.

We made a selection of doubles - of course – which included lemon, honey, cinnamon, apple and ginger. Also raspberry with a dash of Henderson’s Relish, which was like a meal in a glass! It was fascinating trying out different flavours, and our reviewer Di makes several gins at home so it gave her some new ideas. The Devonshire also hosts a jazz evening from 8pm, with live jazz performances from local artists and guests can enjoy half price gin too. It’s a really fun evening. 

Visit for more details of the classes.