Seasonal eating: enjoy an apple on autumn days

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As the cold winter nights start to draw in it’s easy to forget that we ever had a summer.

But we only need to look at our bountiful supply of apples to remind us of the sunnier times that now seem a lifetime ago. 
For apples have been basking in the sun since spring, in order to prepare themselves for their autumn harvest. Sweet, juicy, plump and red, orange or green in colour, they’re now absolutely ripe for the picking.

Here at Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium, we source our apples from Sheffield Organic Growers. Based in Moss Valley, on the outskirts of the city, Huw Evans first planted a three acre orchard of apples, pears, currants and berries in 2010. With a substantial amount of acreage still to manage, he decided to rent it out to other growers and so Sheffield Organic Growers was born.

Thanks to Huw’s passion and dedication to growing seasonal produce we have a great range of apples in store every year.

Right now we’re enjoying the Lord Lambourne which is a dark red over green apple. Juicy and crisp with good flavour, this is a favourite amongst the eating apples.

But as a Yorkshire food store, it’s the Ribston Pippin we’re particularly looking forward to seeing again. Discovered at Ribston Hall near Knaresborough, it dates back to the 1700s,

Huw considers this to be the best of all the Yorkshire apples.

Crisp and sweet with a hint of pear-drops, the Ribston Pippin also helps keep that doctor away as it has one of the highest levels of vitamin C of all apple varieties.

When it comes to the eating, apples are a great quick and healthy snack, but we like to incorporate their sweetness into savoury meals too.

Pork immediately springs to mind and apples can be added to the pot when braising pigs’ cheeks or roasting belly pork.

If you fancy something new try roasting chunks of apple with black pudding for a tasty brunch. Or mix grated apple and horseradish with lemon juice and cider vinegar for a tasty relish to serve with smoked salmon or mackerel.

No matter how you serve apples, we recommend you try a few new seasonal varieties this year. Huw delivers his apples to our Abbeydale Road store as and when they are ready for eating, so why not pop in to see what we have available this week? We’re open from 8am to 8pm every day