Sheffield Cooks: Kickstarter cocktail is fine aperitif

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Designed specifically to act as an aperitif, this cocktail from True North Brew Co takes into consideration some of the attributes found in many pre-dinner beverages and attempts to apply these to the classic gin martini.

Dry, herbal, sparkling and medicinal – these characteristics are all synonymous with being precursors to a great meal and have thus been combined to create a libation that hopes to kick-start the party-goer’s appetite for the meal ahead.

The vermouth enhances Sheffield Dry Gin’s herbaceous flavour, while the addition of orange peel rooibos from Birdhouse gives the cocktail a punchy and medicinal backdrop.

Finally, carbonating the cocktail makes for a great palate-cleanser and adds extra texture to this heady concoction.

This cocktail recipe features in the Sheffield Cookbook: Second Helpings, which is on sale at Amazon, Waterstone’s and all venues featured in the book.


for the gin

500ml Sheffield Dry Gin

50g Birdhouse ‘Ruby’ Orange Peel Rooibos

For the cocktail

50ml rooibos gin

25ml Lillet Blanc vermouth

Soda water, to top up

Orange peel, to garnish

Blue corn cornflower petals, to garnish (available at Birdhouse Tea Co.)


To infuse your Sheffield Dry Gin, combine the 500ml gin and 50g Orange Peel Rooibos (or any amount using a 10:1 ratio) in a sealed jar and leave to infuse for two hours. After two hours, using a funnel and sieve or tea strainer strain the infusion back into the bottle.

To make the cocktail, use a glass tumbler. Fill the glass with ice (large, dry rocks are best).

Simply pour the gin and vermouth into the glass, top with a small amount of soda water and garnish with an orange twist and blue cornflower petals.

You could also try with your favourite tonic water for a turbo-charged gin and tonic.

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