Sheffield in focus

Phil Parkin outside the Kelham Island Tavern.
Phil Parkin outside the Kelham Island Tavern.

Phil Parkin, 35, runs a Sheffield video and film production company called Quick Feet, creating videos for brands, businesses and agencies. “Most of our stuff can be found online, and some is on television,” he says. Phil lives in Stannington with fiancée Anna Smith and their daughter, Mabel.


I’ve played football since I was a child, and although my 35 year-old legs are slower now, I still love the game. I play for Crookes FC in the Meadowhall Sunday Premier Division. After spending my youth playing for Sheffield Boys and Middlewood Juniors, I signed for Rotherham United and played through their youth system. My dreams of becoming a professional footballer never materialised and I moved into semi-pro game and signed for Hallam FC. I’m extremely fond of the club. Although I never played for them, I’m a fan of Sheffield FC too. As a city we gave the world the greatest game on earth, the oldest club and the oldest football ground. With Sheffield Wednesday and United also we have two fantastically average professional teams and a city of amazing football fans!

The Leadmill.

During my college years I’d spend many a night in The Leadmill watching bands from across the world. Sheffield was, and still is, a hot-bed for music talent. How can we not celebrate the music scene here when we boast talents like Richard Hawley, The Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Joe Cocker and many more.

Don Valley Stadium

Jessica Ennis and Toni Minichiello are both friends of mine and I’ve worked with them since 2005. Last year the London Olympics announced Jess to the world. Having witnessed her and Toni’s journey at close quarters I’ve spent a lot of time at Don Valley stadium and the EISS with them. I look back on those years with a massive smile. In the Olympic stadium on Super Saturday I cheered Jess to Olympic gold. Jess and Toni’s modesty, work ethic and achievements epitomise the spirit of Made in Sheffield… and Don Valley has a lot to do with it.

Low Bradfield

I lived in Pennsylvania for two years, I played football out there and did a Masters degree but I always knew I’d come home to the UK. What dawned on me while living there was how lucky I am to have a big city centre and amazing countryside so close to where I was raised (Loxley). I now take my daughter to the village green at Low Bradfield, just like my parents did, and theirs before that.

Real Ale Trail

In 2010 I made a documentary called ‘Beertickers’. It was inspired by Sheffield’s real ale scene, and the fact that Brian Moore, the Champion of Beerticker, is from Stannington. Beerticking is the hobby of sampling different beers and writing them down. Brian has amassed over 50,000 different beers (he’s now over 70). Through the documentary, I learnt that Sheffield is the UK real ale capital, and around Kelham Island we have the best real ale trail.

The people

I’m close friends with many people I met at school and college. They are a big reason that I am still here, alongside my family of course… and football, and music, sport, the countryside and the pubs!