Students’ community Christmas gift

Gabriel Paramore - Sheffield on a Plate
Gabriel Paramore - Sheffield on a Plate

Students across Sheffield are joining forces to give a Christmas present to local people in need.

Students are being asked to empty their cupboards before they leave for the holidays 
– and donation points have been set up at both city universities for non-perishable foods. The collections will go to local food banks.

The ‘food drive’ is part of the two-year Sheffield on a Plate initiative, which has won £200,000 in funding.

A joint project involving both universities and Sheffield College, it aims to raise awareness of sustainability and to forge bonds between the three instutions and their local communities.

“Distance from the city centre made it difficult for students to support the big food banks, so we decided to set up our own collection points,” says spokesman Gabriel Paramore.

In the first 24 hours Hallam students donated more than 30 items, and within a week Sheffield University had filled eight crates.

Sheffield on a Plate focuses on growing, composting, cooking and buying local. Events so far have included a Masterchef contest highlighting locally-sourced good food on a budget.