The secret life of Sheffield’s chefs

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Ever wondered which piece of kitchen equipment chefs just can’t do without? What they cook themselves for supper? Or what’s their worst kitchen disaster?

A new Sheffield Telegraph web feature reveals just that, along with other behind-the scenes secrets and tricks of the trade from some of the area’s top chefs.

The new feature was launched this week, with two Q&A sessions already available. Others will be added each week.

The Maynard’s head chef, Mark Vernon, recalls how he had to conjure up a wedding feast for 120 after burglars put the kitchen out of action.

And Carl Riley, executive chef at the Peak Edge hotel, Stonedge, reveals how, as a trainee, he learned the hard way to listen to instructions – when the head chef cracked him over the head with a wooden spoon.

The Peak Edge team are celebrating this week after gaining a 4-star rating and their first AA rosette for food.

“It’s a great achievement,” says Carl. “But the hard work starts again today to push for our second rosette.”

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