Thinking outside the veg box

Fran Humphries and Luke Constable with their veg boxes
Fran Humphries and Luke Constable with their veg boxes

Ethical foodie Fran Humphries is a hands-on kind of person – whether that means cooking her ingredients, or growing them.

And now others can take advantage of her passion for home-grown organic produce too, through the veg box scheme she runs with partner Luke Constable.

Fran developed her interest at university, writing a dissertation on food sovereignty in South America and then turning her attention to the British food system.

She moved to Hertfordshire, where she lived on a farm and ran a large-scale box scheme: “But after a year of full-time office admin – and envying the healthy suntanned bodies of farm colleagues – I realised I wanted to learn how to grow food, as well as sell it.”

Her next move was to a vegetable and goat farm in Glasgow; then she secured a position in Wales, training at the award-winning Primrose Organic Centre.

Armed with a broad skill-set, she arrived in Sheffield with Luke and three friends to set up new organic growing project at Full Circle Farm in the Moss Valley.

And things finally fell into place when she was also asked to take over the running of an organic veg box scheme for the Sharrow-based Regather co-operative.

“It’s a joy to work on a scheme that puts such a huge effort into supporting Sheffield enterprise, making an effort to forge strong links with local growers and producers and trying to enable the box scheme customers to develop a relationship with the growers and producers too,” says Fran.

Fresh produce comes primarily from Sheffield growers including Wortley Hall Walled Garden, Hazelhurst fruitery and their own Full Circle Farm – where they aim to improve soil fertility as well as growing nutritious food and selling their produce locally.

Regather veg boxes cost from £10.50. For details visit Regather Veg Boxes