Three simple tips to new you

Andy Belfield, author of The Eat Less Food Diet book
Andy Belfield, author of The Eat Less Food Diet book

Forget the fads and keep it simple: that’s the message from Sheffield diet specialist Andy Belfield.

Research suggests that the average dieter will put on four pounds and throw caution to the wind within five weeks, claims Andy, author of The Eat Less Food Diet.

“After a couple of weeks eating and drinking to excess, we often feel a burning need to get healthy,” he says.

“But we seem to lose perspective and go from eating too many mince pies to a total lifestyle change.

“We also try strange fad diets – but to be scientific, they’re all a pile of pants that will only make us fatter!”

Andy, a 45-year-old Millhouses father of four, lost two-and-a-half stone by eating less. He recommends that we start by thinking carefully and doing just one thing at a time.

“We can’t change everything overnight. For most of us it’s a step too far to wake up on January 1 and give up everything we like, then run 10K, eat blueberry porridge, go to the gym… And still be home for lunch, which will be lettuce.“

Instead he recommends three simple tips:

* Work out what you want to lose and why it matters to you.

* Avoid faddy diets and just eat less.

* Do one thing at a time: “Once we get used to eating less we can start training for a marathon.”

The Eat Less Food Diet (priced £3) aims to help readers shed weight without spending a small fortune on fancy potions or membership fees.

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