Transition from cafe to casual night fare for Sheffield’s Depot Bakery 

One of the dishes on the new menu
One of the dishes on the new menu

 Kelham’s Depot Bakery has become something of a byword for brunch since it opened as one of the first ventures in the area. 

But food lovers may not realise that it has quietly been making a name for itself as a place for after hours drinking and dining too.
The bakery, located next to the group’s venue for Peddler market at 92 Burton Road, has been running its fixed menu Night Shift evenings since late 2016.

But last week they took a new turn, with a move away from the structured menu and pre-ordered evenings to a more laid-back approach.
“The idea of Night Shift now is that we’re going to make it cool and casual”, said director Ben Smith. 

“In the past we’ve done a fixed menu with pre ordering required. But now we think Kelham Island is just at that point where there is enough happening around us and there will be people walking in for us to move away from that.”

The relaunch of Night Shift last Friday has ushered in a new  and understated, quality menu of items such as salmon rarebit, beetroot charcuterie, mushroom stroganoff stew and kedgeree from head chef Mike Smith and his team. 

Many of the ingredients have been smoked or cured at Depot – which also provides them, and baked goods, for sister restaurant Tamper in the city centre.
The bakery’s signature creation, a Turkish flatbread, also forms the basis for some of the dishes. And there will be at least two vegan dishes for every course.  Overall the aim is to show how there is more to the venue than breakfast.

Ben added: “We always want people to think that we are a bakery, but to some we have become known as a cafe with some bread for sale!”

Night Shift will run on the last two evenings of the month, from January. 

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