Tuck box: Green influences on new cocktail menu

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Atomisers, a dash of botanical essences and some cocktail theatre have overhauled the menu at Sheffield bar The Botanist.

New additions include drinks served in plant pots, those with dry ice and even a green velvet martini which is given its hue by the (safe to eat) plant treatment chlorophyll.

Classics are also reimagined, such as the old fashioned with cinnamon syrup and oregano, a carefully balanced mixture of sweet and herbal flavours served with oak smoke, and a mint julep with the hedgerow hints of blackberry.

Will Kavanagh, bartender at trainer at the bar in Leopold Square, said: “We wanted the theme to be about the science of flowers - which is why we have used more flowers and things like the chlorophyll and greens.

“The All Greens which is one of our mocktails is absolutely flying out as well.”

Anyone for tennis brunch?

Celebrate Wimbledon closer to home with a specially themed champagne and chablis brunch at Trippets Lounge Bar next month.

There are - of course - strawberries and melon with the fizz, followed by a crab and lobster roll with Chablis, plus coffee and homemade pastries to finish.

There is also live jazz at the event on Sunday July 16, with tickets costing £35 per person.

Cook to lower child obesity

Children aged between eight and 13 can learn how to cook a meal from scratch with a new programme aimed at cutting childhood obesity in Sheffield.

Eat Well, Move More, takes place at Concord Sports Centre in Shiregreen this summer and is run by SIV.For more details or to book visit https://siv.org.uk/