Edinburgh comedy sneak preview

Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort.
Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort.

Sheffield-born, Chesterfield-raised Tom Binns in the guise of his alter ego Ian D Montfort the New Age teacher, medium and psychic will be doing his mind-bending feats at Funhouse Comedy at the New Barrack Tavern on Sunday.

He kicks off an Edinburgh Festival Preview All-Dayer to be followed by five other top comedians.

Paul McCaffrey from BBC 3’s prankster show Impractical Jokers is returning to Edinburgh wth a show called Name in Lights, full of top drawer anecdotes while Danny Ward is making his debut with Pressure Point which ponders whether six months living in Auntie Annie’s conservatory can push you over the edge.

In his show Rom Com Romesh Ranganathan is trying to understand the world whilst not being able to make sense of the house he lives in.

Character comedian Milo McCabe brings his latest assortment of personalities from an improbable Scrabble champion to a ‘swell’ on benefit, not forgetting Philberto the Portuguese reality tv show winner.

Finally Alistair Barrie performs Universal Adapter blending thought-provoking economic argument with plenty of laughs.

Doors open at 1.30pm in the beer garden with an outdoor stage. Tickets are £6 in advance to watch as many shows as you like and food and pass-outs are available.