Comic Russell finally acts his age in Sheffield show

Comedian Russell Kane
Comedian Russell Kane

Russell Kane is a changed man.

For his Right Man, Wrong Age tour that comes to Sheffield next week, you may encounter someone with a new look, fresh perspectives and a different approach to comedy.
“In the last year I’ve been married and had a baby. I’ve changed my hair, I’ve changed my look, I’ve thrown all my eyeliner in the bin,” he said.
“I literally went to my wardrobe one day and got all my ridiculous clothes and took them to the Sue Ryder shop for some other man having a mid-life crisis then bought the four exact same suits in different colours.
“Then I got my hair as flat as it can go and I thought, ‘that’s it: this is me now’.”
Russell can pinpoint the exact moment when he needed to alter his outlook and write a new show. It started with somebody at the door . “I’m always looking for the moment that can make me look ridiculous in a way that is compelling.
“I was in the middle of spray-tanning myself upstairs in these tiny pants when the doorbell went.
“I went downstairs in my dressing gown and this window cleaner was touting for work.
“He leaned in and said, ‘I’mreally sorry to disturb you: is your mum or dad in at all?’
“Initially you might have thought this was a compliment, but it’s really not. He could be talking about how I’m putting myself across so I thought, ‘clothes in the bin’.
“And at that moment, there was Right Man, Wrong Age.”
In the world of stand-up, acts are expected to turn over a significant amount of material every one or two years.
For Russell this is a challenge he relishes. “I’ll keep changing and I don’t really ever want to stand still. I don’t care if it confuses people about where I’m coming from.
“I’m protean; I don’t want to be recognisable in five years’ time; that’s what keeps my writing going.
“One day I’m learning Spanish, the next I’m learning survivalism. I might do my maths GCSE next week: who knows?”
For now, though, Russell is focused on making Right Man, Wrong Age the best show it can possibly be. His topic this time around is how we never quite feel the life-stage that we’re in and the age that we’re at, whether we’re 80 or 18.
“When you’re 18, you look in the mirror and think ‘I know what I want to do, so why am I trapped in this 18-year-old body?’ while the 80-year-old is still waltzing and dancing around in her head.
“That’s going to be my jumping-off point and from there I’ll do lots of accessible observations as well as the odd thinky bit.
“But I don’t want to disappear up my own bum with this show, I just want to go on in my suit, like Michael McIntyre or Peter Kay, and just be funny and have lots of big laughs. My only job in life is to be funny.”
Normally in the run-up to a tour, Russell will have a month of preview gigs under his belt.
This time around, he had to film his BBC series, Stupid Man, Smart Phone, for which he jetted off to various inhospitable parts of the world to see if he could survive purely with the aid of a phone with WiFi.
Right Man, Wrong Age is at the Octagon Centre, Sheffield next Friday, May 20.
Box office; 0114 272 7040 or