Exploring girl power in the music business

Based on interviews with female and non-binary practitioners across the music industry, A Beautiful Way to be Crazy, a performance piece premiering at Theatre Deli next week,  is a tale of growing up and finding a voice. 

Weaving together spoken word and music, Sheffield poet Genevieve Carver and The Unsung, her live band of Tim Knowles, Brian Bestall and Ruth Nicholson,  explore what it means to be a girl in the business of music.

We move from a starting point of  “I am thirteen years old. We are approaching the end of 1999 and to celebrate the imminent end of the world, I have bought a sequined pale blue top from Tammy and painted my nails for the first time, in silver.

“I feel very grown up, and I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to do with my life - I’m going to “be a famous musician”.

It leads on to certain musical heroines such as Joni Mitchell, Delia Derbyshire and Nina Simone whose reputed rider demand has  inspired a piece called Champagne, Cocaine and Sausages.

​A Beautiful Way to be Crazy was researched and developed during a residency at the Making Room at Sheffield Theatres, and  is part-funded by Arts Council.

After a preview performance at The Cellar Theatre  at DINA in December ,​A Beautiful Way to be Craz will be premiering at Theatre Delicatessen next Thursday,  March 14, at 7.45pm. Tickets are £8/ £6.