How simple tasks can become a nightmare 

Leeds-based Forget About The Dog are coming to Dina this weekend to deliver us their bombastic and comedic take on the realigning of one person’s mind with a devised play called 100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace.  

Kat has had an accident leaving her unable to perform simple physical actions while her verbal capacities have been impaired.

Plunged into a world of confusion, this heart-warming story explores Kat’s recovery as she tries to fight her anxieties and conquer her fears.

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace centres on the relationship between Kat, played by  Leanne Stenson, and her younger sister, Grace (India Thompson). 

As her reality blurs with fantasy the play  explores her anxieties and fears, often reflected through her imagination.
Sometimes she imagines herself in army films,  other times in musicals, or else  being knocked off a gondola by a very large wave.

Jordan Larkin, Joshua Ling and Robin Leitch play a variety of health professionals and characters from Kat’s fantasy world.

The journey through the muddied waters of Kat’s thoughts is effected through a creative mash-up of witty dialogue, physical theatre,  puppetry, original music and a set comprised of a few simple props.

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace  is at the Cellar Theatre, Backfields, on Friday and Saturday, March 16-17, at 7.30pm. Tickets £8/£7. It will be followed by a Q&A.