Faith groups’ revulsion at Rigby murder

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NEWS: News.

A new group, set up as a liason for all of Doncaster’s different religious groupings, has voiced its horror at the murder of Drummer Rigby and its support for those who been affected by his death.

A spokesman from the Doncaster Faiths Together group, which represents members of the town’s Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Jewish communities, said: “We, the faith leaders of Doncaster, stand together in memory of Lee Rigby

and his family, the witnesses to this atrocity, to the community members that have faced the consequences and impact, and to those who have faced retaliation following on from this act. We would urge the communities of

Doncaster to stand united and together in the face of such hate.

“The misappropriation and misuse of a faith to carry out a violent acts is abhorred by all of the faiths in Doncaster. We would urge all faith leaders, people of faith and no faith, to come together and reach out to each other to share in the sorrow, and share in the determination that such acts will not divide our communities. We stand with the Muslim community of Doncaster who share in the pain of this atrocity and we stand for justice against those regardless of their faith who would commit such acts in order to divide our communities, spreading hatred and fear.

“Doncaster Faiths Together leading by example would urge all of Doncaster’s communities to have hope and not hate.”

The Doncaster Faiths Together group launches its new website, on June 4