Film Reviews: A yellow furry cheeked fantasy adventure...


By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 08 May, 2019, 08:24

A son unravels the mystery of his father's murder in Pokemon Detective Pikachu, a rollicking fantasy adventure which milks every drop of delicious deadpan humour from Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the titular rodent-like critter.

A script credited to four writers including director Rob Letterman crackles with energy as a perplexing case of corporate corruption unfolds in breathless action set-pieces including one jaw-dropping race for survival through a collapsing woodland. "At this point, how can you NOT believe in climate change?!" shrieks Pikachu with tongued wedged firmly in furry yellow cheek.


Crime and punishment trade bruising blows in director Ron Scalpello's gritty crime thriller set against the backdrop of east London's gleaming skyscrapers and dockside cranes.

Scripted by Nick Moorcroft, The Corrupted is handcuffed to a motley crew of dodgy cops, idealistic journalists and sadistic crimelords who meet foolhardy challenges to their authority with an abattoir bolt pistol to the cranium. These are the kind of morally warped characters who toss rivals into shallow graves and foreshadow downfall with a gnarly one-liner: "Get out now or there's only two places you're going to end up: a wooden box or a concrete one!" Composer Andrew Kawczynski channels the Bourne films with his unnecessarily bombastic score and Scalpello follows suit with an impressively staged and wince-inducing fight sequence in a living room, which gleefully cranks up the machismo and brutality.