A balancing act of losses and gains in Sheffield

Kieran Goss who is appearing at Selby Town Hall for the spring 2012 season.
Kieran Goss who is appearing at Selby Town Hall for the spring 2012 season.

HE fled Ireland to live in Texas and now he’s coming to Sheffield. But Kieran Goss’ geographical ping-pong is no reflection of his music - rootsy, grounded songwriting.

His forthcoming UK tour follows his 2009 album I’ll Be Seeing You: Turning Heartache Into Art album, in which Goss teamed up with producer Gabe Rhodes to produce an album of heartachingly reflective material, rooted in his own experience.

During the making of the album he lost both his mother and his young sister-in- law to cancer. Then, shortly before his mother passed away, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily her treatment was successful and two years on, she remains cancer-free.

This turmoil has given directness to Goss’s work. “The way I write has always been from the heart”, he says, “and I’m less afraid to be open and display vulnerability in my writing as I get older, to dig deep into how we process life, how we play the cards we’re dealt”.

The album’s opening track, One Boy’s Treasure, is a series of nostalgic snapshots of precious memories which concludes with the realisation that “nothing’s lost that I can’t find” and sets the tone for the album.

But Goss’s music isn’t just heartache. The fizzy The Reason Why and The One That Got Away balance out his ruminations on loss.

Goss’s material is a balancing act of happy, sad, losses and gains, and this week he brings it all to the Beehive Folk Club on Friday.