Band benefits from home comforts

The 1975
The 1975

THE 1975’s sound defies its production. Epic, clean, crisp and sharp - the band’s polished production suggests it’s come out of a slick studio. But in fact, it’s recorded in lead singer songwriter Matty Healy’s home.

“We’ve recorded it all in my mum’s house in Macclesfield. It’s all done in my bedroom,” says Healy .

This bedroom-based band formed at high school in Manchester seven years ago, and have been penning songs ever since.

Their songs are centered on sex - its nuances, ups and downs, confusion and heartache. But while the boy-meets girl theme is a well-trodden one, The 1975 treat it with analytical depth and intelligence, which is refreshing.

“You can take sex as a subject without being crude about it. There are so many themes that centre on sex, like ex-girlfriends and the feelings that are still there when you see them.

“We’ve been together a long time so the meaning of songs has evolved with us. We could have written a song years ago but now it means something different. You hear a song you wrote when you were feeling a certain way and the fact you no longer feel that way gives you a sense something’s been resolved - like a page in a diary.” And like memories from a diary, The 1975 have given their sound a rose-tinted gloss. “We wanted to capture that sound you hear in 1980s film like Weird Science, that life-affirming feeling you get from watching films like that.”

Indeed the epic falsetto on the track You certainly evokes the 80s power ballad, thanks to its production and build-up.

And yet, this was all done in the upstairs of an ordinary detached house.

The 1975 are a product of a technically-democratised generation of musicians, who don’t rely on studio time to record. “We’ve done it all on laptops and using Logic software. Luckily we are all quite technically savvy.”

The 1975 play at SOYO on Monday as part of a 28-day tour of the UK.