Band humour really takes the biscuit

Half Man Half Biscuit on stage
Half Man Half Biscuit on stage

The late John Peel regarded Half Man Half Biscuit as one of the great UK bands – and Sheffield music promoter Chris Wilson agrees.

He has been working with the band for 25 years or so and snapped up the chance to bring them back to the city.

They are appearing at the Leadmill next Thursday (August 3).

Formed by two friends from Birkenhead, Neil Crossley and Nigel Blackwell, HMHB released their debut album, Back in the DHSS, in 1985.

Topping the UK indie chart, it was a play on The Beatles’ Back in the USSR.

And the wordplay continued…

Why does the winner of MrUniverse always come from Earth? they asked.

Then there was Voyage To The Bottom of the Road and Achtung Bono.

But Chris says: “They’re not a comedy band and never were.

“It just shows how hugely misunderstood the band are.

“Nigel Blackwell is without a doubt one of Britain’s finest songwriters.

“He writes incredibly intelligent but sardonic songs based on clever wordplay and truth.

“Yes there’s comedy elements but it’s very dark humour.

“I suppose a more accurate description would be to call them satirical.

“Nigel is usually observing the total rubbish everyday life throws at us, the irritating, the absurd and the mundane.

“He also likes to poke fun at minor celebs and middle class stupidity.

“Listen to Paintball’s Coming Home for a good example of that. It’s all done with incredible wit.”

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