Change of direction on agenda for Lo Shea

Liam O'Shea, the Sheffeild producer / musician behind Mixed in Sheffield
Liam O'Shea, the Sheffeild producer / musician behind Mixed in Sheffield

Sheffield artist Lo Shea can officicially declare that he is ‘big in Japan’.

Lo Shea - also known as Liam O’Shea - will perform in one of Tokyo’s biggest clubs this week.

“I am very very excited about that and no idea how or why but my music has really struck a chord in Japan. I’ll be playing at one of the best known nightclubs in their and it will be a live show.”

On the back of his Japanese following, Lo Shea was picked up by an agency which specialises in secret gigs.

“They just contacted me and it’s all taken off since then,” he says.

This week the artist releases his latest album, Seaghdha, which is Gaelic for O’Shea.

And though O’Shea has been writing music for almost two decades, this latest release - a collection of ten tracks - marks a total change in direction.

His last foray into writing, recording and performing was as UMSD - a solo act in which he played heavy rock guitar with electronic loops, fast beats and crazed vocals. It was frenzied, hectic and attention grabbing.

But since 2012, O’Shea has been working on a more minimalist sound.

However, Seaghdha isn’t being released in a conventional manner.“It’s a limited release and it will be track by track for a while, with all the numbers in Gaelic.”

Songs are about Lo Shea’s experience of music. “It’s about being around and soaking up electronic music over the past twenty years. It’s my own interpretation of house and techno from all over the UK but looking at it from a Sheffield perspective.”

But it’s a low-key affair. “As you can tell by the ‘lo’ in the name, it’s downbeat, it’s not frantic like the stuff I did under the UMSD name.”

“But I’m enjoying the change of direction and really looking forward to playing in Japan.”

Details on Seaghdha visit