Free LIVE in Barnsley music festival returns

The Glavins who will play at Barnsley Live.
The Glavins who will play at Barnsley Live.

A music festival featuring more than 100 bands across a dozen venues is set to return to South Yorkshire this summer.

More than 3,000 music fans flocked to LIVE in Barnsley, the town’s first metropolitan free music festival, launched last summer.

Zstellavision who will play at Barnsley Live

Zstellavision who will play at Barnsley Live

This week, organisers announced the festival will team up with WAB Radio to launch a LIVE in Barnsley Radio Show when it opens on Saturday, June 21.

Dave Pearsall, organiser, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to get even more local music heard.

“Lots of people have been supportive of the festival in the last 12 months and are as keen as we are to showcase the talent in this town.

“The radio show will advertise gigs, chat with local bands and hopefully feature some ‘unplugged’ sessions from various performers.

“We will also be posting podcasts from the WAB shows on our website for those who can’t tune in.”

John Backhouse, a fellow organiser, said: “Myself, Dave and the other organiser Steve Clifford are going to present the show, which should be fun. I’m sure the banter will be flying around once we get started.

“It’s going to be a great mix of local music and the latest music from the indie, alternative, rock/metal music scene.

“We’re going to ensure that at least 50 per cent of the music at the festival comes from local bands.”

Bands set to appear at this year’s festival include The Glavins, Stellavision and Tokyo Witch Hunt.