From toilet to down the Plug

John Windle from Little Man Tate
John Windle from Little Man Tate

IT’S BEEN almost a year since Little Man Tate’s former frontman, Jon Windle, stepped out and went solo with his debut, Step Out the Man.

And now, as the Sheffield songwriter prepares his second solo album, he looks forward to a very special show. “It’s going to be great to play Sheffield – it’s always special playing here because it’s my hometown. I’m really excited about the set too – there’s going to be some LMT tracks on there that people loved but weren’t singles as well as new stuff.”

Windle’s keen to give his second album a bigger push than the first. “The new album was really well received by the LMT fanbase but it had no marketing. The tour’s been really good, though, with several packed-out shows so it’s all been going really well.”

Windle and his backing band have played across the country in places such as Bathgate and Tunbridge Wells.

“We even played in an old toilet one night – very strange. When we toured with LMT we were always in a group but now when I’m walking around these places on my own I feel a lot more vulnerable.”

LMT certainly made the most of their touring days. “We really burnt the candle at both ends,” says Windle. “We had a right good laugh but we were crazy – I’d always have anxiety hangovers and sometimes we’d say ‘we’ll have a day off drinking’ but on our days off we always ended up in the pub. Now I’m more likely to say ‘let’s go to Edinburgh Castle.”

And he’s loving his current work. “We are having a blast on tour and really want people to enjoy it.”

Jon Windle plays at Plug, Matilda Street, on Saturday.