I Am Kloot frontman in solo concert

I am Kloot front man, John Bramwell, is playing at City hall in Sheffield on November 26, 2017
I am Kloot front man, John Bramwell, is playing at City hall in Sheffield on November 26, 2017

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I Am Kloot songwriter and frontman John Bramwell will visit Sheffield with his brand new show on Sunday, following release of his first studio solo album “Leave Alone The Empty Spaces”.

The artist, widely acclaimed for his song-writing skills and his unique voice, will play at the City Hall.

His new release is acclaimed as a stunning showcase and is the first completely new collection of songs by John as a solo artist since he started his adventures away from I Am Kloot.

“Leave Alone The Empty Spaces” has been inspired by John’s travels around the UK and Europe performing more than 300, intimate solo gigs. Travelling in his VW Campervan with his dog Henry, the experience allowed John to explore parts of the country hitherto unknown, develop his solo sound and ideas and meet an awful lot of interesting people.

The album is inspired by the spirit of liberty, independence, adventure and solitude that John has enjoyed on the road, as well as the diverse emotions that escape and travel can bring about – from sadness to exhilaration.

His live show is testament to that too. Audiences can expect a highly personal experience from a performer who has completely immersed himself in the experience of connecting with live audiences of all kinds. This adventure has taken John to little rooms above pubs (after promising a fan he would play in their town that ‘doesn’t have gigs’) to World War II underground bunkers in Germany. It’s about rediscovering the romance, intimacy and magic of the live music experience, one to one with the audience.

This is a chance to see one of the country’s most talented songwriters at the top of his game. The new show will include songs from his new album and its follow-up.